On Passage to Samoa - Day 7

Mark & Sue Owen
Tue 22 Sep 2015 22:55
14:02.77S 167:05.00W

Miles to go: 271

All is well on board after a slow, but steady 24 hours, proceeding sedately towards Samoa. With a filling moon and a much flatter sea, conditions on board are very comfortable indeed.

We've been reading up on what Samoa (formerly Western Samoa) has to offer and are especially looking forward to visiting the former house of Robert Louis Stephenson which is now a museum in his honour.

Another country, another unit of currency; this time the tala and it'll take us a good few days to work out the exchange rate and how much things cost.

We'll also have a new local dialect to get to grips with and we'll do our best to master the basics. This went down very well in French Polynesia and was always welcomed with an extra wide smile.