Duck Harbour, Isle Au Haut, Maine

Mark & Sue Owen
Fri 24 Aug 2012 18:31

44:01.72N 68:39.24W

After the most enjoyable social whirl of the Ocean Cruising Club Cruise in Company, we made our way to Duck Harbour on the south-western shore of Isle au Haut to recharge our batteries (both boat and personal!).

We had a glorious 3 days on the Isle au Haut. Having dusted off our hiking boots, we set off to explore what is said to be the least visited area of the Acadia National Park. What a delight it is. From scrambling up the rocky slopes of Duck Harbour Mountain to the leafy glades of the marshland paths leading to Long Pond, we managed to cover most of the trails on the island (and have aching muscles to show for it). The view from the top over the surrounding islands was stunning and it was great to have the variety of coastal paths and forest trails. Most times we had the place to ourselves, as the number of visitors is restricted to the capacity of the very small daily ferry.

We were fortunate in that the weather was perfect for our stay here. The high pressure system afforded us a lovely calm anchorage, stunning blue skies and memorable sunsets. The warm weather even tempted the Skipper to take a dip, which took his breath away and he was out like a shot!

A truly special place.


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