Atlantic Crossing Day 2

Mark & Sue Owen
Mon 23 Jan 2012 12:42
24:59.79N 18:46.00W
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 151
Miles to go to Barbados: 2,548

All is well on board and we are starting to get better rest.

We have had consistent easterly winds for the last 24 hours and, with a 1-2 metre swell from astern, are enjoying a comfortable ride with Macushla surfing down some of the larger waves at up to 9 knots. We are alternating between a goose-winged rig and port tack as we make our way steadily in a SW direction. We're not planning to turn due west for Barbados until we read at least 17 degrees North where we hope to find favourable current and established trade winds to set us on our way. As there is a predicted area of light/no wind north of 20 degrees North in the next few days, heading further south looks to be the preferred strategy.

We've made initial contact on the HF radio with Mike and Marguerite on American yacht Ithaca who left the Canaries a day after us and will be chatting and exchanging information with them as we cross. We've also re-established contact with the Magellan radio net of fellow cruisers and intend to check in daily with them.

Our decision to prepare a good stock of meals before we left is paying dividends whilst we get used to the difficulties of cooking underway and last night we enjoyed a vegetarian spinach and chickpea variation of Sir Robin Knox-Johnson's curry recipe - delicious!