Atlantic Crossing Day 9

Mark & Sue Owen
Mon 30 Jan 2012 14:10
17:05.42N 30:41.91W
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 93
Miles logged since leaving the Canaries: 1201
Miles to go to Barbados: 1,690

All is well on board and, after being becalmed for 12 hours, we were sailing once more and had a peaceful, moonlit night sail on a very flat sea.

We have now found which night watch system works best for us after trying several variations. Starting at 20.00 hours we operate a 3 hours on, 3 hours off system until 08.00. During the day we have a more flexible rota depending on the conditions, what jobs need doing and how tired/rested both of us are feeling. We've ensured our change of watch is aligned with the two Long Range radio nets which we tune in to:

- The Magellan Net on 8131 kHz at 09.00 UTC where we chat with fellow cruisers who are making the crossing.

- Southbound II on 12,359 kHz starting at 19.30 UTC where Herb provides weather and routing information.

Today's breakfast was interrupted by the screaming of the fishing reel which had been deployed 15 minutes earlier. We'd really enjoyed the first mahi mahi and had decided to try for another. Today's catch is significantly larger - over a metre in length and weighing 6.75 kg. It will surely feed us in the coming week and we don't see the need to fish again in the foreseeable future. The bright, pink lure recommended by the owner of the fishing tackle shop in Puerto Calero, Lanzarote has been incredibly successful.

Now enjoying classic Trade-wind sailing: gently rolling downwind with 15 knot breezes, sunshine and the temperature in the cockpit at 26 degrees centigrade by 08.30. Wonderful.