Drift Snorkel at Fakarava South Pass

Mark & Sue Owen
Thu 9 Jul 2015 00:36

The snorkeling here at the south pass is out of this world.  Absolutely stunning.  The trick is to arrive just before slack water, drift down with the current (towing one’s dinghy!) and then drift back.


Photographing the sea life remains a challenge – trying to maintain position in the current and hoping the fish stay still enough for you to focus.  The added adrenaline rush is provided by the many black tip reef sharks…


m_Tuamotus 035.jpg 


m_IMG_8749.jpg m_IMG_8801.jpg

m_Tuamotus 103.jpg m_Tuamotus 094.jpg

m_Tuamotus 089.jpg  m_Tuamotus 086.jpg

m_IMG_8776.jpg  m_Tuamotus 112.jpg

m_Tuamotus 009.jpg