Trekking across Bream Bay

Mark & Sue Owen
Wed 3 Feb 2016 21:33

Having been confined to the boat during the week, we were keen to get some much needed exercise during the weekends.  First up was a day at the beach – Bream Bay right on our doorstep with its acres of white sand disappearing into the distance.


A couple of hours into our trek round the bay we saw storm clouds gathering behind us, but small, localised systems seem to pass through quickly here in New Zealand, so we opted to continue round to Waipu Cove in the hope it would have cleared by the time we returned.  We covered many, many kilometres and our strategy worked a treat as we avoided the heavy rain, although we were sand blasted by strong headwinds  on the return leg and bombarded by strange coastal tumbleweed straight out of a horror film.  We were rewarded by the ever changing views which were stunning to watch.