Baie Haavei, Ua Huka

Mark & Sue Owen
Thu 4 Jun 2015 00:34

08:56.61S 139:35.77W


We spent three days anchored in Baie Hanaiapa and enjoying the calm, flat water which enabled us to catch up on our sleep.  We also spent the time cleaning Macushla, with skipper removing the gooseneck barnacles which had attached themselves to the transom during the crossing, and re-stowing things after our passage.  Our Spanish cruising neighbours Hans and Ima on sv Tuvalu brought us lots of local bananas and grapefruit – a lovely welcome to the Marquesas – and we really hope to see them again on our travels.


It was now time to move on as we needed to be making our way over towards Nuku Hiva where we would be able to complete the formalities and check in to French Polynesia, so we weighed anchor after breakfast and had a fantastic day’s sailing over to Ua Huka, beam reach all the way.


We anchored in Baie Haavei, another beautiful, albeit  somewhat roly anchorage, but tolerable for our overnight stop.


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