Camden & Around Vinalhaven

Mark & Sue Owen
Thu 23 Aug 2012 17:52

44:12.53N 69:02.99W

We anchored in the outer harbour of Camden, where we had arranged to attend the Ocean Cruising Club rally. Having joined earlier in the year we were keen to meet fellow members as the OCC is a virtual club with worldwide membership. It was great to meet so many cruisers who were keen to share their wealth of knowledge of not just Maine, but also of many other areas we hope to explore in the future. Many of them joined us for the following few days on the post rally cruise in company around the area of North Haven and Vinalhaven.


Camden Yacht Club and other sights:


m_Camden 2.jpg  m_Camden 3.jpg  m_Camden 1.jpg


Pulpit Harbour, North Haven:


m_Pulpit Harbour.jpg 


Seal Bay, Vinalhaven:


m_Seal bay 1.jpg  m_Seal bay 2.jpg

m_Seal Bay 3.jpg  m_Seal Bay 4.jpg


Hurricane Island:


m_Hurricane Island 6.jpg  m_Hurricane Island 8.jpg