On Passage to the Galapagos - Day 4

Mark & Sue Owen
Fri 3 Apr 2015 17:28
04:44.48N 83:05.38W

Miles to go: 500

All is well on board and we've been chugging along nicely, trying to skirt round an imminent wind hole which is showing up on the weather maps.

When on passage one of the highlights of our day is receiving emails from family and friends and catching up on any news from home - so do keep them coming! Our only other contact is via SSB radio nets and it's always great to chat with fellow cruisers, be they out at sea or tucked up in an anchorage. Somehow that daily contact makes us feel less on our own out here. The Magellan Net is one we've participated in since leaving the Med and even after all these years there are still some voices we've yet to put a face to. But that's the radio for you. The other net we call in to is the Pan Pacific Net, a great source of local and weather information.

Our fresh food supplies are lasting well and freshly made pizza is on the menu today - time now to go and make that dough...