A Day Out Touring Nuku Hiva

Mark & Sue Owen
Mon 15 Jun 2015 21:35

We decided to go on a tour of the island in company with other cruising friends: Clare & Andrew (sv Eye Candy), Diane & Alan (sv Moonfleet) and Nell & Phil (sv Moondancer) and we were in for a real treat.  Our guide Jocelyne was a fountain of knowledge on the island, its history and stunning flora.  Without her in-depth knowledge the archaeological sites would have seemed to be a random collection of stones and carvings and she certainly brought the history to life (some of it very bloodthirsty!). It was here that we saw examples of the tiki stone carvings and marae, a ceremonial platform used by priests and chieftains for worship, burials and sometimes human sacrifices, and petroglyphs too.

We saw more of Nuku Hiva than we could possibly have hoped for and were fortunate to have excellent weather – a great day out.


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