Heading North Day 12

Mark & Sue Owen
Tue 17 Jul 2012 16:03
41:49.41N 69:04.54W

All is well on board and we have finally entered the Gulf of Maine, only to
be welcomed by an icy blast and a bank of fog.

It was a case of double the watch, dig out fleeces, hats, boots and gloves
and turn on the radar (how does it work again?!). Those last few miles just
got tougher.

During our evening radio net with Herb, we gleaned from him the best course
to steer to escape the worst of the fog, which gave us some respite before a
lighter mist set in for the night, The flat seas enabled us to make
progress in very light winds, although we did have to motorsail for a couple
of hours.

We've woken to a beautiful, sunny morning and are making sedate progress
which will ensure we don't arrive too soon, thereby allowing us to make the
entry in to Portland Harbour in daylight.