Out and about around Carriacou

Mark & Sue Owen
Wed 8 Jan 2014 12:07

Project Coppercoat is almost complete.  Hurrah!  The supports (all 10 of them) were moved so that we could prepare and apply the barrier coat and Coppercoat product to those areas covered by the pads.  Also Macushla had to be moved so that we could access the remaining parts of the keel.  We’re now waiting for these areas to cure and then, prior to launch, we’ll have to sand the surface lightly to expose the copper.




During those periods when we’ve been waiting for the barrier coat and Coppercoat to cure, we’ve been able to explore this beautiful island.  We were very fortunate to be taken on a tour of the island by Paul and Chris, a lovely English couple, who live of the island in the winter months.  They showed us some delightful places which we wouldn’t otherwise have managed to see.