On Passage to Bonaire - Day 4

Mark & Sue Owen
Thu 19 Jun 2014 15:12
12:34.65N 66:55.00W

Day 4
Miles to go to Bonaire: 80

All is well on board.and we're steadily counting down the miles to Bonaire. The wind has piped up a bit and the seas have built accordingly, so it's not the flat conditions we'd been enjoying for the last few days. It's roly, but comfortable as we surf along with just the headsail and we're pleased we took the opportunity to prepare meals ahead whilst conditions were calmer.

Yesterday afternoon we were called on the VHF radio by the Venezuelan Navy, who seemed content to carry on their way once we'd identified ourselves and advised them of our intended destination.

The monotony of the night watch was broken by a frantic Sue diving down below at speed (at such a pace that she neglected to use the steps!) after having something big and flappy land in her lap. Oh the joys of being back in the land of the flying fish. No harm done though, but a rude awakening for skipper.