Exploring the West End of the Curaçao whilst on a mission

Mark & Sue Owen
Tue 9 Sep 2014 19:22

On returning to Curacao from the UK we hired a car for a couple of days so that we could go to the hypermarket and re-stock the depleted food cupboards and fridge.  We also needed to get two of our three propane bottles filled - on this front it was a typical 'Caribbean' saga...


We had been directed to CurGas in Santa Rosa, but when we arrived there we were told that the pump had broken and they had no idea when it might be repaired.  We were told they has another outlet at the other end of the island, so off we went only to find, when we got there, that they didn't have any propane gas left, but that they were expecting a delivery in a couple of hours’ time.  With time to kill we decided to stock up further at the Cost U Less store we’d spotted on the way and bought a few snacks for lunch.


We returned to CurGas in Tera Kora, but the delivery truck had still not arrived. One thing we’ve learnt from our time in the Caribbean is that you have to be patient and be prepared to operate on ‘island time’.  Having ascertained that the truck was definitely on its way (one of those ‘Look me in the eye and tell the truth’ moments), we decided to take the opportunity to explore the island further. It wasn’t the perfect weather for sightseeing, but touring the island was something of a bonus especially when we found some stunning local flamingos.  Oh and, yes, we eventually got our two bottles filled and hot food was definitely back on the menu!


Sights at Sint Willebrordus: