Puerto Villamil, Isla Isabela

Mark & Sue Owen
Fri 1 May 2015 20:11

00:57.92S 90:57.74W


We very much enjoyed our time in Santa Cruz, but it was time to bid the island farewell and it seems one of the locals wanted to give us a parting gift.  In the morning we awoke to find the side decks and coach roof had become a skating rink, covered in a foul-smelling, fishy slime with hairs everywhere.  One of the more athletic sea lions had somehow managed to get on board and make its presence felt!


We were away just after 6 a.m. and in spite of having had such a great time on the island, were not sad to be leaving the very rolly anchorage.  We were soon sailing hard on the wind and expected to have to tack our way over to Isla Isabela, the third and final island of our Galapagos adventure, but the wind and current worked very much in our favour and we arrived mid-afternoon on a single tack.


We are now anchored off the town of Puerto Villamil where the water is lovely and flat and it’s wonderful to be having a comfortable night’s sleep once again.