Belfast, Penobscot Bay, Maine

Mark & Sue Owen
Sat 18 Aug 2012 16:46

44:25.74N 69:00.02W

We have spent two lovely days in the delightful town of Belfast which is a city in miniature. We were spoilt with the array of shops and galleries, including the wonderful Belfast Co-Op (organic wholefoods supermarket) and were able to restock on our favourite veggie pate at the Friday morning Farmers' Market, which we'd first come across in Rockland. We also had a couple of trips to the local Colonial cinema and enjoyed some retail therapy too!


Belfast, a city in miniature:


m_IMG_2085.jpg   m_IMG_2070.jpg


m_IMG_2054.jpg   m_IMG_2056.jpg


The local artists have been busy for the ‘Be Seated’ initiative: