Somes Harbour, Mount Desert Island, Maine

Mark & Sue Owen
Tue 4 Sep 2012 20:15

44:21.55N 68:19.51W


An early departure from McGlathery Island enabled us to arrive at Mount Desert Island in time to ride the flood tide up Somes Sound.  We had a beautiful sail up the fjord-like waterway that almost splits the island in two and entered the sheltered waters of Somes Harbour.  This was to be our base from which to explore the island and, in particular, the Acadia National Park.  We took full advantage of the wonderful free bus service to get around the island and into the Park and have had a memorable week exploring the extensive hiking trails and bike routes.


Bar Harbor was not as frenetic as we’d been led to believe and we enjoyed are brief excursion there, including a memorable meal at the Eden Restaurant which offers a completely vegan menu.


Sailing up Somes Sound and the village of Somesville:


m_IMG_2249.jpg  m_IMG_2254.jpg  m_IMG_2275.jpg


Somes Harbour Anchorage:


m_IMG_2266.jpg  m_IMG_2269.jpg  m_IMG_2342.jpg


Hiking & Cycling in the Acadia National Park:


m_IMG_2280.jpg  m_IMG_2294.jpg  m_IMG_2296.jpg

m_IMG_2299.jpg  m_IMG_2309.jpg  m_IMG_2324.jpg

m_IMG_2311.jpg  m_IMG_2322.jpg  m_IMG_2315.jpg