Bahia Inca Inca

Mark & Sue Owen
Thu 20 Nov 2014 04:54

11:12.98N 74:14.06W

We really enjoyed our time in Santa Marta and found it a comfortable and easy place to be, but we knew it was time to be moving on when we heard Wham's Last Christmas being played in the local supermarket. Our agent Dino, efficient as ever, brought our clearance papers (International Zarpe) the next day and after a quick reprovisioning and stocking up on a particularly wonderful brand of Columbian coffee, we were preparing for the off.

We decided to go and anchor in a nearby bay, so that we could clean off the underside of the boat in clean water and prepare meals for the next few days. Whilst the hull required a light wipe over, thanks to Skipper's preventative measures the propeller and rope-cutter were absolutely gleaming and required no attention at all. Very happy bunny indeed!

So we are enjoying this delightful bay which seems to be home to a large colony of birds of prey. Never before have we seen them in such large numbers and it's been wonderful to observe them soaring on the thermals.


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