Baie Taiohae, Nuku Hiva

Mark & Sue Owen
Mon 8 Jun 2015 14:35

08:55.01S 140:06.02W


We weighed anchor straight after breakfast and had a very pleasant 25 mile downwind sail under headsail only, arriving early afternoon at Nuku Hiva, the administrative capital of the Marquesas Islands.  Baie Taiohae is very large and we easily found room to anchor in spite of the number of yachts here.  As it was a Friday afternoon, we knew we’d have to wait until Monday morning to check in at the gendarmerie and complete the formalities, so we explored the small town and bought some provisions.


Our first impressions were very positive: extremely friendly people, excellent fresh produce and gorgeous French bread and patisserie – we were in la belle France once again!


In need of some exercise, we asked the lady at the tourist information centre about hiking paths and she recommended the hike to the Sentinelle; so off we went with a picnic lunch in search of our land legs.


On Monday the check-in procedure at the gendarmerie was as straightforward as it’s ever been.  It’s great to be here! 


Sailing to Nuku HIva and to Baie Taiohae:


m_IMG_0125.jpg  m_IMG_0139.jpg

m_IMG_0228.jpg  m_IMG_0193.jpg


The Cathedral at Baie Taiohae with wonderful local wood-carvings:


m_IMG_0210.jpg  m_IMG_0216.jpg

m_IMG_0186.jpg  m_IMG_0178.jpg  m_IMG_0222.jpg

m_IMG_0183.jpg  m_IMG_0190.jpg  m_IMG_0221.jpg


Skipper with his new friend, the town hall and local Marquesian artefacts:


m_IMG_0226.jpg  m_IMG_0152.jpg  m_IMG_0157.jpg

m_IMG_0161.jpg  m_IMG_0162.jpg  m_IMG_0165.jpg  m_IMG_0166.jpg


Hiking to the Sentinelle:


m_IMG_0231.jpg  m_IMG_0233.jpg

m_IMG_0237.jpg  m_IMG_0245.jpg

m_IMG_0243.jpg  m_IMG_0249.jpg