Heading North Day 7

Mark & Sue Owen
Thu 12 Jul 2012 16:54
32:15.50N 64:29.34W

All is well on board and we're still making good progress in comfortable
conditions, though we're closely monitoring a low pressure system to the
west of us.

We shall pass Bermuda today, but will still have the option to double-back
if the forecast were to deteriorate.

A couple of days ago the red sector of our LED bow bi-light failed and last
night saw the first outing of our jury-rigged deck level port navigation
light. Skipper managed to adapt the wandering lead LED anchor light using
the following: a cut up Coke can, a sheet of acetate coloured with red
permanent marker, a red, plastic shopping bag, tin foil and insulation
tape. Worked a treat. This enabled us to resume using our LED deck level
lights instead of the power hungry incandescent masthead tri-light.

We have now eaten all of our pre-cooked meals and so will today start
working our way through our fresh provisions and aim to prepare a few dishes
in case conditions become more challenging.