Playing in the Back Garden

Mark & Sue Owen
Fri 3 Jul 2015 03:20

The snorkeling here is wonderful and we’ve found many fish that we’ve never previously seen.  All this just a couple of hundred metres from the boat:


m_Tuamotus 111.jpg  m_Tuamotus 116.jpg

m_Tuamotus 160.jpg m_Tuamotus 218.jpg  m_Tuamotus 146.jpg

m_Tuamotus 141.jpg  m_Tuamotus 194.jpgm_Tuamotus 115.jpg  m_Tuamotus 204.jpg

m_Tuamotus 261.jpg


And of course there are a lot of big ‘boys’ around too:


m_Tuamotus 104.jpg  m_Tuamotus 103.jpg

m_Tuamotus 093.jpg  m_Tuamotus 097.jpg

m_Tuamotus 109.jpg