On Passage to the Galapagos - Day 5

Mark & Sue Owen
Sat 4 Apr 2015 17:04
03:45.31N 84:15.58W

Miles to go: 425

All is well on board as we continue to head southwards to the equator.

At sundown each evening there seems to be a lull in the wind that leaves us
bobbing around for a couple of hours, drifting on the current, before the
winds fill back in for the night. This is great for serving dinner and
tidying up, but not so good for passage making.

Last night was no exception and it seemed to trigger an influx of finches
looking for a ride. A single hitchhiker earlier in the day, who fearlessly
perched upon skipper's finger, obviously put the word out. It was finch
party time aboard Macushla and little did we know they'd arrived for a
sleepover as well. We found ourselves tip-toeing round the boat adjusting
sails trying not to disturb these wee things as they slept with their heads
tucked under their wing. Come dawn, after a good rest, they went on their
way again.