Heading North Day 3

Mark & Sue Owen
Sun 8 Jul 2012 16:26
23:40.56N 62:53.80W

All is well on board and Skipper is celebrating his birthday today. Cake baking is postponed, however, until we make landfall.

Over the last 24 hours progress has been good and we've covered 160 miles. We're pleased with this considering we have been experiencing an adverse cross current of up to two knots and we have a very conservative rig set. This cautious approach has proven to be beneficial when short-lived rain squalls pass through gusting up to 30 knots.

A single flying fish which escaped detection during the morning deck sweep soon made its presence felt as we began to notice an unpleasant aroma down below. The culprit had managed to wedge itself under one of the deck hatch flanges and in the heat had very soon started to decay. It was great to identify and get rid of the offending article!

Winds and seas are still favourable; long may they continue.