Baie de Taioa, Nuku Hiva - inc photos

Mark & Sue Owen
Fri 19 Jun 2015 19:24

08:56.69S 140:09.83W


We very much enjoyed our 2 week stop in Baie Taiohae, a picturesque place with excellent facilities and friendly, helpful locals.  The bay often has a swell rolling in so we decided to set a stern anchor in addition to the bow anchor.  This held the bow nicely to the swell and life aboard was then much more comfortable, as we watched other yachts roll gunwale to gunwale like metronomes with the beam on swell.


We had a very social time there too as we met up with cruising friends old and new.


Having stocked up with fresh provisions, we left Baie Taiohaie this morning and sailed just a few miles along the coast to Baie de Taioa, or Daniel's Bay as it is also known after a family which used to live here.  This is a very dramatic anchorage with tall mountains all around and lovely, flat water.  Bliss!


m_Tuamotus 069.jpg  m_Tuamotus 066.jpg

m_Tuamotus 056.jpg  m_Tuamotus 060.jpg