More Photos around Kralendijk, Bonaire

Mark & Sue Owen
Mon 7 Jul 2014 14:49

The time here is flying by and we’re really loving being here.  Cruisers have come and gone over the last fortnight, but there remains a hard-core of boats that are finding it just too difficult to leave! There’s a regular gathering of cruisers at local bar/restaurant Bistro de Paris & Zazu Bar which is always well attended and we’ve made some great friends.


There’s rarely a lull in the Trade Winds, but the anchorage is nice and flat and the air through the boat is always very welcome.  The climate is dry, so there’s a tendency for the decks to get quite grubby, but that’s a small price to pay.


The main attraction and tourist infrastructure on this island is built around the needs of divers and snorkelers who flock here in their thousands and from our initial sorties underwater we immediately understood why.  As soon as we looked below the surface of the water we experienced a world quite unlike anything we’ve ever seen before; one we’re keen to explore further.