On Passage to the Marquesas - Day 8

Mark & Sue Owen
Wed 20 May 2015 19:57
05:24.52S 110:38.38W

Miles to go: 1708

All is well on board and we continue to make good progress.

The day usually starts with skipper's tour of the deck, checking out the boat and clearing Macushla's deck of the night's harvest of flying fish and squid. The squid are much more prolific than we've ever known and some of the flying fish are a considerable size - not something you want landing in your lap on a dark night!

The moon has yet to make a worthwhile appearance, so it's pretty dark out here, but the beautiful starlit sky does offer some definition.

Hot off the press: the first fish of the trip has been landed - a very fine mahi mahi. Perfect timing now that our fresh supplies are starting to dwindle.