Weems Creek, Severn River, Chesapeake Bay

Mark & Sue Owen
Tue 23 Oct 2012 16:23

38:58.85N 76:23.98W

Anchored in the delightful and tranquil Weems Creek from which we were able to explore Annapolis, home to the US Naval Training Academy.  We had a busy three days and from here were able to re-provision on food, gas and fuel.  We were fortunate in that the Navy football team were playing Indiana University at their stadium close by, so enjoyed the three hour spectacle that is American Football – everything from jet fly past, to marching bands, cheer leaders and, of course, the game itself.  A great afternoon out.

Also in the anchorage were Matador, Yindee Plus and Carisma and we enjoyed a very social time with our fellow cruisers.