Back in Portland, Maine

Mark & Sue Owen
Wed 19 Sep 2012 17:17

43:39.70N 70:14.49W

We are now in Portland  and have enjoyed being back here for a culture fix and socialising with fellow cruisers, whilst awaiting delivery of a new alternator.  The alternator is now in place, we have re-provisioned and have said our good-byes.  With the wind due to turn NE tomorrow, we plan to be off early to make passage to the Cape Cod Canal.  Cruising Maine has been wonderful and the people here very friendly, but there’s a distinct nip in the air now and it’s time to head south.


Majestic Windjammers of Maine:


m_IMG_2344.jpg  m_IMG_2364.jpg

m_IMG_2353.jpg  m_IMG_2368.jpg  m_IMG_2352.jpg

m_IMG_2369.jpg  m_IMG_2376.jpg