Underwater World

Mark & Sue Owen
Mon 7 Jul 2014 23:28

For the last few days it seems we’ve spent more time in and under the water than on it.  The snorkelling from the boat is truly amazing and encouraged Sue to explore further and take a Discover Scuba course with the very friendly and helpful folk at the Carib Inn Dive Centre.  After a mere 15 minutes of familiarisation in the resort’s swimming pool, we were diving off the nearby reef for the next 45 minutes. Truly fabulous. With a couple of supervised dives under her weight belt, she has now signed up for the Open Water PADI course, so that she and Mark can scuba dive together.


In the meantime, together with our friend Keith on sv Sadiqi, we hired an underwater camera from the very knowledgeable people at the Dive Buddy Resort to try and capture the incredible sights we’re enjoying on a daily basis.  This proved to be much more difficult than one might imagine, trying to maintain buoyancy and position whilst remembering to continue breathing (!), overcoming difficult lighting conditions, and having subjects that refuse to pose… But we hope our efforts give you a taste of what we’re experiencing.












After a long day in the water, the intrepid photographers enjoy a well-deserved beer, as Macushla begins to look like a proper Bonaire dive boat.