White House Bay, St Kitts

Mark & Sue Owen
Mon 5 May 2014 21:11

17:15.03N 62:39.52W


After 5 nights in St Barts we continued down the ‘chain’ with excellent winds for a fast passage down to Nevis.  On the South coast of Nevis we came across lots of fishing floats and decided to head out beyond the 30m contour in order to avoid them. Too late … as we managed to snag one which had a particularly long floating line.  We managed to free most of it, but waited until we were in the lee of the island before Mark donned snorkelling gear to check the rudder.  He had to cut away some remaining line before we started the engine and went to anchor off Charlestown. 


The following morning we checked in to Nevis and got a boat pass for St Kitts and then proceeded to sail over to White House Bay, St Kitts, planning to return to Nevis in a few days’ time.


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