On Passage to the Galapagos - Day 6

Mark & Sue Owen
Sun 5 Apr 2015 17:24
02:56.45N 85:14.77W

Miles to go: 348

All is well on board and after an excellent sail yesterday, making a welcome 5.5 knots on flat seas, we were back to coaxing Macushla along in the evening.

The daily routine now seems to be to drop the sails after dinner and drift on the current for a few hours. Unfortunately last night this had a tendency to have us beam on to the swell which, although slight, was still vigorous to roll you out of your bunk were it not for the lee cloth. By midnight however skipper had worked his magic in the now 5 knots of breeze and had us ghosting along, with all white sails set, at 2.5 - 3 knots for the remainder of the night. This morning the wind has built back up to 8 knots so we are happily making a respectable 4.5 knots.

We've been relying on some great British humour to keep us entertained during the night watches, having downloaded radio podcasts from the BBC. In particular The News Quiz has given us both some laugh out loud moments which can be a tad alarming for the off watch crew.