Heading North Day 4

Mark & Sue Owen
Mon 9 Jul 2012 16:26
26:02.62N 63:24.08W

All is well on board as we continue to make steady progress towards Bermuda.

We're starting to get used to the 3 hour night watch system once again, although it does still leave us a bit jaded at times. The temperature down below rarely becomes comfortable for sleeping before midnight, although the fans we fitted really do help to alleviate the problem. We never thought we'd look forward to wearing a fleece again, but we are and understand this is a summer essential in Maine!

We're in daily contact with Herb who has confirmed that the favourable weather we are enjoying is set to continue for a few more days yet and should see us safely to our turning waypoint, when we plan to alter course and head west for the U.S. eastern seaboard..

We've also re-established contact with the Magellan Net this morning and it was good to hear some familiar voices over the radio waves.