On Passage to New Zealand - Day 2

Mark & Sue Owen
Sun 22 Nov 2015 22:57
27:23.41S 177:41.45E

Miles to go: 500

All is well on board as we continue to make good, steady progress under sail towards Opua. Armed with our passage route from Bob McDavitt, aka MetBob, the New Zealand meteorologist and South Pacific weather guru, and with daily reporting in to Patricia and David (Yachts in Transit) on Gulf Harbour Radio, we feel very well-informed on what to expect weatherwise over the next few days.

With this in mind our colourful spinnaker is out of the bag and getting serious airtime. So we're enjoying light airs and flat seas - the result of a substantial 'blocking high' over Australia, we understand - and the best sailing conditions we could possibly have hoped for. Added to this are clear skies and a large, waxing moon at night; as good as it gets.