Prickly Bay, Grenada

Mark & Sue Owen
Fri 9 Mar 2012 12:40
11:59.80N 61:45.77W

We were sorry to say our good-byes to Barbados after being anchored in Carlisle Bay for just over 3 weeks. It is a beautiful island, but so often it's the people we meet that make a place very special. We'll always have fond memories of the place.

We weighed anchor at 0830 a.m. and had a fast, lively and roly ride with just a scrap of headsail out. It took a while to adjust to being underway again, but we had a full moon to light our way.

As we approached Prickly Bay at 0730 a.m, our chosen anchorage, we were greeted with torrential rain which reduced visibility down to just a few metres. By the time we'd finished anchoring we were completely soaked, but at least the decks are now lovely and clean.

Now looking forward to seeing what Grenada has to offer.