Papeete, Tahiti

Mark & Sue Owen
Fri 24 Jul 2015 17:15

17:32.36S 149:34.16W


We arrived at Tahiti at daybreak after an excellent passage with a moderate wind all the way.  After calling up the harbour master for permission to enter the harbour, we made our way over to the Marina de Papeete, located right in the centre of the town.  Cruising friends were there to greet us and take our lines and we were all tucked up in no time at all.  After enjoying some remote anchorages we were looking forward to exploring the capital of the French Polynesia archipelago and being right in the thick of things was just perfect for us.


We were pleased to find ourselves in a clean and vibrant place, safe to walk around at night and lots of things going on.  July is the time of year for the Heiva Festival and we were really fortunate to be around for its final week (see subsequent posts...).  What’s more, the wonderful daily produce market is a mere 5 minutes walk from the boat.  Bliss!


Arriving at Tahiti:


m_Papeete Heiva 003.jpg  m_Papeete Heiva 005.jpg


Sites around Papeete:


The Marina and further along the waterfront the Memorial Site for the Nuclear Testing carried out between 1966 and 1996 on the atolls of Moruroa and Fangataufa:


m_Papeete Heiva G12 030.jpg  m_Papeete Town 1303.jpg


The Cathedral:


m_Papeete Heiva G12 032.jpg  m_Papeete Heiva 360.jpg  m_Papeete Heiva 361.jpg


The Presidential Palace and War Memorial on Avenue Pouvanaa a Oopa:


m_Papeete Heiva 350.jpg  m_Papeete Heiva 353.jpg


The Market:


m_Papeete Heiva 987.jpg  m_Papeete Heiva 989.jpg


The Town Hall and the Protestant Temple:


m_Papeete Heiva 934.jpg  m_Papeete Heiva 010.jpg


And lots of interesting and colourful Street Art:


m_Papeete Heiva 933.jpg  m_Papeete Town 1296.jpg  m_Papeete Town 1294.jpg

m_Papeete Heiva 349.jpg  m_Papeete Heiva G12 034.jpg  m_Papeete Heiva 931.jpg

m_20150717_193308.jpg  m_Papeete Heiva G12 036.jpg