Thomaston, Maine

Mark & Sue Owen
Fri 10 Aug 2012 23:22

44:04.28N 69:10.88W

We set off at low water to catch the flood tide up the St George River.  We had the usual forest of multi-coloured lobster pots covering the channel, but with light, southwesterly winds and favourable current we were able to pick our way through comfortably and enjoy a delightful sail all the way up to Thomaston.

 m_Sailing up the St George River 1.jpg

m_Sailing up the St George River 8.jpg  m_Thomaston Overlock House 2.jpg

 m_Thomaston Victorian House.jpg  m_Thomaston Mansion 2.jpg

                               m_Thomaston Baptist Church 2.jpg  m_Thomaston Episcopal Church 2.jpg