Atlantic Crossing Day 21

Mark & Sue Owen
Sat 11 Feb 2012 20:47
13:05.52N 59:36.97W
Miles travelled since last report: 173
Total miles logged from Las Palmas, Gran Canaria - Bridgetown, Barbados: 2,995

All is well on board and we are delighted to say we have arrived safely and are anchored off Bridgetown, Barbados.

Our last night at sea was a lively combination of fast sailing and scattered squalls with the added complication of the reappearance of fishing vessels - confirmation that we were closing in on land.

Having seen surprisingly little wildlife during our crossing (other than the dreaded flying fish!), we were thrilled to be escorted round the south of the island by a small pod of dolphins. What a welcome.

We had to report in to three separate offices in Bridgetown: Health, Immigration and Customs which involved calling in to the commercial harbour prior to being allowed to anchor here in Carlisle Bay.

The sun is shining, the sand is white, the sea is a gorgeous turquoise and a balmy 27 degrees C and our arrival beers tasted delicious. Now looking forward to a good night's sleep.

Crossing Statistics:

Total miles sailed: 2995
No. of days at sea: 21
No. of hours becalmed: 12
Fastest speed recorded: 11.4 knots
No. of minutes spent fishing: 35
No. of fish caught: 2 (Little and Large)
Record no. of flying fish cleared from morning deck harvest: 26
No. of bruises sustained : too many to count
No. of persons on board now sporting a silly grin - thrilled at having crossed an ocean together: 2

Crossing photos to be posted when we can find a WiFi connection...