On Passage to the Marquesas - Day 2

Mark & Sue Owen
Thu 14 May 2015 18:25
02:09.85S 96:02.34W

Miles to go: 2603

All is well on board and we're trucking aong nicely. However just as you
start to think you're alone out here, a glow of light appears on the horizon
and, as usual, it's on Sue's watch. Without any vessel displaying on the
AIS (Automatic Identification System) or any positive radar ID, it was
confusing to say the least and it was time to get skipper out of his bunk.

It was only after a further hour that we were able to ascertain that this
was a large fishing vessel with two lines trailing over a mile behind it,
each marked by a white strobe light. Certainly not something we wanted to
get entangled with, so we were sure to give it a wide berth. This shows
that it pays to be vigilant and not rely simply on your electronics.