La Laguna de las Ninfas and other sights around Puerto Ayora

Mark & Sue Owen
Sat 25 Apr 2015 00:53

We took a picnic and went to hunt out the Laguna de las Ninfas a few minutes’ walk from the water taxi dock.  This is an oasis of calm on the edge of the town where a boardwalk has been constructed around a lagoon.  Las Ninfas is the gathering point of the fresh water that comes from the highlands and the sea water which enters with the tide.  The salinity of the water determines the life that develops in the lagoon.  This was a lovely place to sit and chill.


The Oasis that is La Laguna de las Ninfas:


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We felt we needed a relaxing day after having been up until midnight the night before at the Bongo Bar’s Salsa Night which unfortunately was serving very delicious 2 for 1 mojitos – oops!  We’d heard that, by sheer chance, a friend of friends was on the island doing volunteer work, so we met up with Paula and her fellow volunteers for a meal and had a great night out.


Paula, Nicky, Nick, Mark, Arturo & Lucy:


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Puerto Ayora has been a great place to hang out and we’ve enjoyed exploring its eateries and cafés where we’ve met some really interesting folk, both locals and visitors.  Our favourite café by a country mile is OMG (Oh My Galapagos) on the way to the Darwin Interpretation Centre.  Serving excellent coffee, sublime warm brownies and providing good wifi, its owner always gives us a warm welcome.


OMG and other sights:


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