Esnasdup, Kuna Yala

Mark & Sue Owen
Mon 8 Dec 2014 21:41

09:28.79N 78:38.07W

We're still in the San Blas archipelago, called Kuna Yala by the Kuna Indian locals. We've been anchored off the island of Esnasdup for the past couple of days, nicely protected during some unsettled, squally weather. The boat has never had such a good wash and, of course, the water tanks are full to the brim.

In spite of the unsettled weather, there have been some sunny periods and we've enjoyed snorkelling off the nearby reef with Cathy and Bruce off sv Serenade. They alerted us to watch out for a particularly inquisitive nurse shark which frequents this area, but to be honest were not at all disappointed that it failed to show.

Life in the cays here is very simple, with only the occasional ulu or dugout canoe stopping by with provisions.


The inhabited island of Rio Azucar:




Anchored off the island of Esnasdup: