On Passage Day 2

Mark & Sue Owen
Fri 31 Oct 2014 20:49

11:31.08N 73:47.62W

All is well on board after one of those long nights at sea.

We'd had a great day's sailing in excellent, calm conditions and made fast progress. As the sun went down, inevitably, things started to go downhill. We spent the entire hours of darkness nervously watching the most incredible electrical storm we've ever witnessed. Whilst we never felt the lightening, which lit up the entire ocean, and the accompanying deafening roar of thunder were a direct threat to us, you never quite know how these things will develop. We could certainly have done without that marathon Son et Lumière show!

Just to add to the excitement we encountered squall activity which brought rain and headwinds. Fortunately the radar highlighted the worst of the weather and we were able to tack our way around it. Consequently not much sleep was had aboard the good ship Macushla last night.

However we were rewarded just after daybreak with a glimpse of the incredible snow-capped mountains of Columbia and lovely, calm sailing conditions returned.



Difficult to spot, but above the clouds are snow-capped peaks…




Approaching our anchorage in one of the Five Bays of the Tayrona National Park: