On Passage New Zealand to Fiji- Day 3

Mark & Sue Owen
Wed 15 May 2019 23:30

30:38.07S 177:08.84E

I am still making steady progress north and am enjoying lighter conditions and flatter seas. Last night I was even able to take my evening meal at the saloon table, a first on this trip and a welcome change from being braced in the cockpit, cushioning your bowl in time to the motion of the waves in the hope that the contents don't end up in your lap. I also have the delight of a near full moon lighting my path, bright enough to give almost twilight conditions right up until it finally sets at around 4 am, only to be replaced by the equally impressive and almost as bright milky way. The nights are still quite cold so I am still using the dodgy hats from my "offshore and after dark" wardrobe collection and wearing socks with my sandals, oh how good it is to feel free from the pressures of the modern instagram life.
I have yet to perfect my sleep patterns. I feel too vulnerable to nap for more than 20 minutes at a time during the night, so this is proving quite challenging, athough I am trying to catch up when conditions allow during daylight hours, when both myself and everyone else is a lot more visible. I was passed by another motoring vessel last night, just a few miles off my port beam, the first I have seen for a while, so I know I need to stay vigilant.Consequently I am operating in a bit of a funk and a little jaded, normally in these condition I would be regularly changing sails, and would have had the light airs genoa and spinnaker both up and down a couple of times at least. But I am in no rush so happy to forfeit some speed for an easy safe and conservative ride. Maybe even get the chance to read my book.