On Passage to the Galapagos - Day 2

Mark & Sue Owen
Wed 1 Apr 2015 17:04
06:12.84N 81:15.70W

Miles to go: 640

All is well on board and we're making great progress so far. We've been enjoying brisker winds than we'd anticipated, so needed to be reefed down to ensure a comfortable night.

Exiting the Bay of Panama was a tense affair as we had to negotiate considerable traffic rounding Punta Mala in and out of the bay, but by midnight we were clear of the congestion and heading south.

Yesterday's catch of the day proved to be absolutely delicious - plenty left for tonight as well!

The first night at sea is always exhausting until we get in to our underway sleep routine, but we're delighted to have a filling moon lighting up the ocean.