On Passage to The Tuamotus - Day 4

Mark & Sue Owen
Wed 24 Jun 2015 20:28
15:48.93S 145:31.07W

Miles to go: 20

All is well on board after a squally night and winds from all manner of directions.

Having had steady tail winds for most of the trip, squalls left us with light headwinds and, for a while, we were unable to lay a direct course. With just under 100 miles still to go to reach the entrance to the pass at Fakarava, it was clear that we'd not be able to arrive in time for High Water slack at around 10.15 in the morning, and we knew we'd now be looking to enter the atoll in the afternoon around Low Water slack.

With 20 miles to go the wind is now very light and we're motor-sailing to ensure we make the tidal gate with time to spare.

Finally, last night's catch of the day mahi mahi, served with a lemon vinaigrette and new potatoes, was superb!