On Passage to Tahiti

Mark & Sue Owen
Sat 11 Jul 2015 20:19
16:54.29S 147:39.39W

Miles to go: 111

All is well on board. We are now en route to Tahiti, a passage of 230 nautical miles and 2 nights at sea.

The morning weather forecast was favourable and, in particular, conditions were good for transiting the south pass of Fakarava around the morning high water slack. Having done a couple of drift snorkels of the pass, we had first hand knowledge of when the tide turned and this enabled us to time our exit to coincide with the last of the flood tide in to the atoll. This ensured we avoided any unpleasant wind against tide conditions in the moderate SE winds. The transit was very straightforward and we said a fond farewell to Fakarava.

The first 24 hours of the passage have gone well; the sea is calm, we have 16 knots of wind abaft the beam and the sun is shining.