More Montserrat Photos

Mark & Sue Owen
Sun 18 May 2014 22:14

These photos of Montserrat were taken on our excellent tour of the island with Joe ‘Avalon’ Phillip (see previous post) with Joe’s very own camera.  Whilst our camera is back in the UK being repaired, we have had to rely on our phone camera, but Joe very generously lent us his camera for the duration of the tour enabling us to have some truly memorable reminders of our visit.  What a star!


The photos show the lushness of the island, as well as views of the exclusion zones.  Suburban towns of Amersham and Dagenham reveal partly submerged buildings whilst the former capital and port of Plymouth is completely buried apart from the pier.  We wandered through the ruins of what was an upmarket hotel, its swimming pool full of hardened ash and passed a partly submerged three storey house on the edge of what used to be the golf course.