Next Step!

Mark & Sue Owen
Sun 5 May 2019 04:09
35:50.23S 174:28.13E

                                                                    Farewell Hun

So, where to start, I am in unfamiliar territory here, as the blog had always been Sue’s domain, but a few folks have asked that I keep them updated as to where I am and what I’m up to, and so I will do my best to oblige.


It is hard to believe that it is nearly a year since I said my final farewell to my beloved Sue, and holding her hand as she took her last breath has left something forever broken inside of me. I don’t really know how I have gotten through a day let alone a year, but I have to thank the support of family and friends, both old and new that have helped me as I stumbled from one crisis to another. Knowing you have to build a new life, but not wanting to leave your old one is so very hard, you feel disloyal and selfish in trying to move on, and sometimes it all becomes too overwhelming and alternative options seem very inviting.


 I was one of the privileged few that got to truly know Sue, her kind quiet nature and refined demeanor sometimes obscured the determined tenacious lady she really was. Sue was unwaveringly loyal and supportive to her friends and family and I became a far better person for having her in my life.

Sue was my soulmate, my first mate and my best friend and I will always treasure the wonderful adventures we had together. We were a perfect team and happy to spend weeks on end with just each other for company, and we pushed each other’s boundaries further than either of us could ever have imagined.


So here I am in New Zealand preparing to sail the next leg of our journey to Fiji singlehanded. Sue made me promise that I wouldn’t give up on our adventure just because she was gone, I had to at least try before deciding. Consequently, I don’t know whether this is the beginning of something or the end of it, only time will tell. It feels as if I am sailing Macushla without my right hand and with only half a brain, but I’m hoping that it will be enough and that she will take care of me when things get tough. Now I am just waiting for a good weather window on which to depart, but it looks like I will be here for at least another week. I will update when I set off and underway if all the systems behave.