On Passage to the Marquesas - Day 17

Mark & Sue Owen
Fri 29 May 2015 20:33
08:34.25S 132:52.21W

Miles to go: 428

All is well on board, although as we make our approach further south we're now experiencing the big, confused seas that the other boats on our radio net have been complaining about so bitterly. We also had a couple of waves dump copious amounts of water in the cockpit, so we've rigged up a fender skirt to the guardwires on the windward side. This acts as a dodger, giving us some additional protection, and is working well so far.

Despite the challenging conditions we performed culinary gymnastics in the galley and were rewarded with our best ever bread rolls as well as vegan sausages. The hot dogs on board Macushla were truly delicious.