Heading North Day 10

Mark & Sue Owen
Sun 15 Jul 2012 16:12
38:30.78N 66:24.88W

All is well on board, although it was a long and lively Saturday night. We
had a combination of electrical storms, rain squalls and unforecast
headwinds. Not a good combination!

Macushla coped with these conditions much better than her crew and almost
seemed to revel in the challenge, whereas being hard on the wind in lumpy
seas leaves us exhausted. These are tough miles towards the end of a long
trip, as being unable to steer a direct course may well result in us having
to spend a couple more nights at sea than we'd thought.

It's times like these that we're grateful for the meals we prepared during
the calmer conditions.

Nevertheless daytime conditions are such that we're still able to enjoy
devouring our on-board library.