The Basin, New Meadows River, Casco Bay, Maine

Mark & Sue Owen
Thu 2 Aug 2012 12:43

43:48.30N 69:51.41W

Up at first light to catch the last of the ebb out of Quahog Bay and then ride the flood up New Meadows River. A gentle motor with no wind, thick fog, numerous lobster pots and working boats.

We're now anchored in the Basin, another breathtaking and tranquil spot. Completely quiet apart from occasional bird song. Wonderful.

A typical day in Maine – misty start, burning off to a beautiful day:

m_The Basin 9.jpg  m_The Basin 12.jpg

m_The Basin 14.jpg  m_The Basin 18.jpg

m_The Basin 19.jpg  m_The Basin 21.jpg